Thursday, December 06, 2007

Back to the season at hand

4 more Christmas cards that were long finished and forgotten. But since it's 3:30am, and I have nothing else to do I thought It's now or never.
This card is a design from Ruby Burns teabag cd at , I got the cd last year and they are all super designs.

I used a piece of gauze and stamped over it to get the bottom background, and a scrap piece of paper to do the top.
Stamped and cut out the tree, added the ribbon from Jody Morrow's May arts ribbon share, at .

Another Fairysong stamp, all glittered up, the border is a tape runner (I forget from where right now).

I thought I'd try to do a stitch card, and all by hand (no sewing machine yet) lol, and I must say I did it pretty even considering that I almost went blind pierceing each hole along my ruler to get the machined look.
I used the thread that Dianne got for me for my stitch cards, and chipboard letters from a kit I got at Costco a while back.
Have a great day

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Non Christmas related

I was getting a bit tired of doing X-Mas cards so I slipped a few non X-mas ones in.
I had fun doing this one cause there was alot of cutting out. I know most people don't like haveing to do lots of cuts, but I on the other hand don't mind it.

I did the bathroom wall tiles with self adhesive epoxy dimensional tiles. They are a bit wonky in their placement, but I guess I'm not really good at straight lines (even with the help of ruler and pencil)
I've had these for soooo long that I was pleasantly surprised that they still had sticking power. LOL
A strip of textured paper for a border underneath set the scene.
I watercolored the wall with just a hint of green, colored and cut out the bottles of bath salts (I actually doubled them because the stamp only has two bottles), and the shelf (which I cut the legs off of) and stuck them on the wall.
This is a stamp from and I just love it.
Anyway, I stickled the bubbles to death so they would really stand out, cut the whole thing out and stuck it on.
There you have it

I guess you've noticed that I don't use many sentiments and are asking why that is, and the answer is
Drum roll please.........................

That I have no answer, Yup you read that right. I really don't have an answer to give you. I love them, I have them, yet I don't use them.
Oh well, just one more thing for me to ponder over.

This card I brightened up so you could see the felt on it better.

I got this design in 2004 from Craft Creations magazine and I loved it way back then.

I watered colored the background on watercolor paper, trying to get that warm african sunset feeling. I think I'm off the mark a tad, but all in all I think it turned out alright.
The giraffs are cut out of thick felt as you can see on the top pic, which gives it dimension.
I did however go a bit overboard roughing up the edges of the card, as you can see I ripped a piece out of the top.
But hey It's homemade paper and it has it's own flaws which is fine with me.

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