Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Practise run "LOL"

Well, Well, Well....Silly me.
We, - Suzanne, Sandy, Dianne and myself are doing another challenge, and this is my practise run, I guess you could call it.
The shoes we are to be doing, are FAIRY SHOES.
I know this is not even close, but couldn't resist trying to make high heeled shoes as I have attempted sandles in the past and I think they turned out ok.
These are made out of card stock, cardboard for the sole, foam for insole, and dowels for the heel. A few leaf adornment on sides and front and VOILA!!! my first high heeled shoe is complete.
Now on to the FAIRY SHOE.
Wish me luck.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Challenge #1 Ethnic Doll

This was guite a challenge for me, because I have never really worked with anything other than paper. I found it quite a challenge indeeed.
Once I decieded which nationality I was going to do, I had to..............well do it.
First I decieded to make the kimono. The fabric is from an old sheet set that was worn and torn up, (i knew it would come in handy some day, but not to do this), I painted the flowers and leaves, and added some sparkle paint to outline. I don't know if you can see, but I sewed each of the wings differently, some of the leaves are sewen and some are a different color. Just to be different I guess.
Then on to the doll itself. this is were the WHEW!!!!!!!! comes in.
just wrapped material around long wooden coffee stirsticks, glued the dress on, and wrapped a piece of gold sparkle wire bow to waist. The head got stuffed and the face is a brotche that I thought looked chinese. I glued moveing eyes to back of this. Toothpix for hairpiece, and a little bow ribbon as adornment.
Challenge # one complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethnic Doll Challenge

This is my first time ever makeing a doll.
Sandy, Dianne, Suzanne, and I did a challenge to make an ethnic doll.
So here she is.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day card for mom

I made this card fo my shnazzy mom for Mom's Day. She's prettier and sexier than this chick, HA HA HA!!!!
The poem is one that I did not write, but wish I had. It is so like how I feel for my mom.
Happy mom's day mom.
Love you with all that I am.

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These cards I love, Dianne got them for me when she was in England on holiday. That makes them even more special to me.
Love you Di
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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Good try he! he! he!

Well this is my first attempt at beading. Can you see the so- so straight lines? Aren't they lovely?
Needless to say I wont be trying this again for a while. Although I did it on felt, and cloth might be better.
we won't be knowing that for a long, long time.
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