Saturday, August 26, 2006

a few more paintings

while I was in the mood to do some painting, along with the iris I drew and painted these tulips and blackeyed sue's .......I think thats what they are called.
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already posted this

I know i posted this earlier, I it was just stuck on the cardstock and looking quite plain. Dianne and I decided to frost the tips, (Which is a story in itself, and best told by her) and add a little something to it. so here is the end result.
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I took a stab at drawing and painting this picture. My coloures are not as vivid, but i think it turned out ok. A quick touchup on the border and "VOILA" finito. Posted by Picasa

Isee an Owl

and here is anexample of my owl. Hope you see it too. LOL
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

well I still do see her her. The shape of her face, her big eyes, parts of her brows, and her little mouth.
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These are a few rust pieces that I did. I think the first one and the last one look like Betty Boop's face, with her big eyes. Call me wierd, but that's what I see.
Well actually the last one looks like an owl's face.
I do love doing the rust pieces. The cotton material is all finished, so on to silk or whatever I can get my hands on I guess.

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Ok this is the last of the card posts for today

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What to say!!!!
I am really likeing the look of quilling, so this is my sorry attempt at it. I thought....HUM..maybe I'll try it. Just something simple at first (and boy did I accomplish that) LOL. Then go on to harder ones? Well maybe that will have to wait a bit.
So I desided to try just a simple iris fold card of my own. Not being of sound mind that day I desided to do a dress. Simple, easy, only two colors (left overs from the infamous quilling escapade), and who can't draw a dress and cut it out. I should have at least put straps, but as earlier stated, I was not of sound mind.
Oh well!! On to bigger and better things Hopefully.

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Leaf cards

I love laeves, so I did a few leaf cards.
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For new Great Nefew

This is a card I made for my sister's very first grandchild Gabriel. I'm not sure who is prouder, my sister or her son. The little beauty was born July 30th, which by the way is on his father's birthday. What a great birthday present, especially since he is soo good. Gabriel (The baby) already stays up pretty much all day long... he dosent want to miss anything I guess. He's a great eater, and very good tempered. He gets them up 2 or three times at night, but not for long they say.
Wow!!!!!!!!! I got to thinking about my 2 daughters. They slept alllllllll day, and wouldn't wake for most of thier feedings, then be up all night long wanting to feed.
So I say to Jemal and Alithea, ENJOY THIS WHILE IT LASTS.
Oh ya the moon card was just because.
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Saturday, August 19, 2006

July book challenge

Better late then never. I hope LOL
just a few pics I took of it before my daughter Corinne snafooed it for herself. I was going to do more inside, BUT......... never got to that, then my computer went down for 3 1/2 weeks.

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