Thursday, October 26, 2006

Practise makes .......

Just a few different teabag folds for future cards. Posted by Picasa

Face It

Humm, she looks like someone.

Wonky eye again. Darn!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 23, 2006


I thought I'd try to do a mans face this time. Not too bad aside from the kooky eye on the one pic. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 22, 2006

All fixed

This butterfly is the one I messed up a while back. So I repainted it and stitched it to a backing, then cut it out. (I really do need a sewing m/c, as my hand sewing is not that great). There is still some paint that has bled near the body, but I can live with that.I have no idea what I'm going to do with it , But I'm happy it wasn't ruined.


I finally tried to do a soot card. This is not the card, just a try at one. I think I could fire it a bit more, but this is just a practise run. I love the effect.

Friday, October 20, 2006

new one for Melanie

Ok. so I did a card for the Birthday Girl but I hated it, so here is anotherone I did. I took several pics and can't seeem to find a good one, so Here are two so you can see the paper in one, and the whole card in the other. The purple is metalic so I'm thinking that's the reason I can't get a really good pic.
I searched the web for a really nice poem, but not knowing her makes it a bit hard to pick one. I eventually just did one myself.

Now that I have done the poem I hate this card too because it dose not go with the poem. SOOO

Yup you guessed it I started yet another card for her. I guess I'd better get it together and get "A CARD" , "ANY CARD" finished, make up my mind and send it to her before her Birthday comes and goes.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

1st Send out card

This card is for a woman on this Irisfolding group I just joined. The one woman ask if anyone would like to send a B'Day card out to her daughter. She is ill and dose not get out of the house or converse with others. Her wonderful mom as I said ask the group if we would, so I thought What the heck, I'm making cards anyway, and it will be practise for me on my other group sort of. (for the swapping things). Although this is not a swap. almost everyone in the group is going to send her a card which is soooo special.

So I am hopeing she likes it even though in my usual fashion I screwed it up a bit. I thought I had a really nice Happy Birthday sticker, to put down the side so I put the design off center. BUT as I said I screwed up, no sticker to be found and it has to go out. So I had to put it in my awful handwriteing. I've got just a bit of time left, and I still need to put a nice verse inside . Not knowing her makes it hard for me to write one from my head, so I really need to find a nice Birthday verse from somewhere.
Well off to do just that.
Wish me luck Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's A Girl

a cute baby girl card. I think went a bit over board with this one, but all those tiny little thing just got to me. This was suposed to be a shaker card, but I got ahaed of myself and did it wrong.
Ok, so I heat set the gauze to the card added green ribbon down both sides. I made a slit at the top and added some very old crepe paper I hade, and also made a window and used the same crepe paper. I just bent some wire pieces to fashion a little hanger for the dress.

The socks are the only things I made of the outfit, useing felt and a bit of ribbon, I think they added the right touch to the frame. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 16, 2006

Boo to you

Well here are a few I finished to get them out of the way. The first one I cut a little pumpkin head I had in plastic and attatched to cs, I used a piece of black material and added some halloween confetti to it. The backing is some of the gauze I drybrushed a bit of green to as I put an orange gauze to an orange cs. Dah! I added some ribbon to the sides, and all done

The second card I tore a window, added orange paper to the inside and around the outside as a last min. thing. Wasn't happy with it all around, so just add rubons to it. I made the envelope for it just rubbing some crayon in black and orange, adding some paper to make it look framed, drew and cut out the goodie bag and glued it to front.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

To my Very Special Friend Dianne

Well all.............. my dear friend Dianne is leaveing tonight for England. BOO HOO!!
I shall miss her so much.
I made this card for her, and posting it because she is haveing a problem on her blog and asked me to do so.
Have a GREAT flight Dianne. Love and miss you already.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

juggin it

This card front I did useing some of the painted gauze, just to see how it would look. It's a bit bulky, so will have to fix that before afixing it to card.

I also used some of the paper I hand dyed and some from an old envelope I found in a junk drawer. It was all faded on the outside, so I was getting ready to crumple it up when I got a glimpse of the inside. Wow like new in there, so I used t.

found the buttons

Well after exhausting my supply of buttons Dianne finally found these ones to finish off my card.
I took several pics of it today, but this is as good as I could get it.
They Are perfect, Gold with a design the actually matches the pockets.
Maybe I will try to get a better pic today so you can see them better.

Dyeing time

Well yesterday I dyed and painted some more material for backgrounds. These gauge pieces were done a while back. The painted pieces were not blending as well as I wanted, but I think I am going to redo them and add some salt.
The solid colored gauge does not show the true colors, the yellow, blue and pink or such a nice bright, while the back pieces were just a mish mash of color. I got the multi color from just useing them to mop up after I painted something. They too are a brighter color.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Early Christmas

Well I got a great surprise Thanksgiveing weekend.
I got a really early X-mas present. And boy do I need this.

Suzanne called and said she was comeing over with an early present for me, BUT I really thought she was kidding me.

Iwas totally floored when she arrived, and gave me this great tote for my crafts. It has so many different compartments to fill with goodies, and most of them detatch for on the go crafting.

Thank you so much Suzanne. I love it, and have it almost totally organized now.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Card envelope?

You will probably remember this wreath from an earlier post. Well I finally decided to do something witht it.

I formed the card by first stenciling the design on the corners, I sewed gold metalic thread between the red and blak circles, (you will notice I did the same thing to the flap, so when closed it joins up). I glued the ribbing from a wire ribbon around the cutout,then I reattached the wreath so it swings open to relveal a santa underneath and I wrote Merry Christmas with a gel pen.
All done except to afix a ribbon to close the flap.

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Get Well

I made this card for my MIL. She is recovering from a recent surgery, and not doing too well.
It's my hope this will help to cheer her a bit.

The cup and saucer is all hand sewn, as is the sentiment, and border of the card. I glued metalic ribbing from wire ribbons around the oval.

I tacked a piece of organza over the stitched cup and saucer, giveing it a more aged look I think, and protection also. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This summs it up

This is about how I have been feeling of late.

If you can't read it, it says

I just wanted you to know I have entered the snapdragon part of my life.
Part of me has snapped, The rest of me is draggin!

And that about sums it up. LOL
I better quit while I'm ahead. LOL Just thought it was really cute. Posted by Picasa


Well folks, this is the newest addition to the Anderson clan.
This little guy is my Great Nefew Gabriel. He was born on the 30th of Aug. this year.
Kind of makes me want another one of my own. OK, I'm KIDDING. But it makes me think back to when mine were wee ones. HUMMMM!!!!!!
Well now that I've done that, and gotten it out of my system, whewwww,,,,
Boy do I feel a little saner now.
Bet you thought there was a story comeing , did'nt you.
ha ha ha!!

Got to fly, But i'll be back soon.

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X-mas Wreath

Being idle has finally got to me.
Sitting here doing nothing is driveing me stir crazy (not that I have that far to go), so I stitched this in preperation for a card, and started another one... well the other one is done all but the filling in. Do you see this?, I am rambling on and on.

After Dianne's visit yesterday I am feeling a bit ansy.
I WANT TO TALK!!!!!!!!
Any time soon would be GREAT, but I am a tad sore from talking to her-- or should I say trying to talk to her. LOL And now I have to rest the old vocals again.
Dam!!!!!!! Oh well it was a fun day. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 02, 2006

Aketch or two

I have been a little under the weather lately. The changeing season seems to have affected me, yet again.
I have lost my voice ( which is very annoying) and have a cold... well flu, and not feeling up to par. I was so hopeing that this year I would be safe, as I have not had much contact from the outside.
Anyway, I thought I'd do a sketch or two, and see if that would help to make me feel a bit human again.

This is all I could muster up. Not my best ever, but it did sap what little bit of energy I had.

So it's back to bed for me.