Thursday, January 29, 2009

Too funny..........hahaha

Ha Ha Ha, I don't have anything crafty to show for my absence, but I do have somethig that is too funny.
This is a caricature of me, no kidding, I totally forgot about this thing. lol

My youngest daughter and I were in the Centre shopping Plaza in 1999, -wow, just seeing this brings back that day so vividly,- and as is always the case with us we were being silly and this artist was doing quick sketches of passersby and paying customers.
Corinne and I stopped and watched for a min. oohing and ahhing at how beautiful they all were especially since he had them done in no time at all. It was amazing.
Anyway Corinne said quite loudly, the little bugger, that I should get one done.
Now anyone who knows me, knows that taking a picture, sketch, or anything that will capture my likeness is a NO-NO, plain and simple. I shot her a look that would kill with a sly smerk on my face which just made her taunt me even more. This went on for a few minutes when someone tapped me on the sholder and pointed my attention to the artist who was holding up this sketch of me and Corinne, see her on the side there?

Well I have to tell you that seeing what he had sketched we both broke out in hysterics, (where ever he got the tennis thing from is a mystery to us since we were both in jeans, but those earrings were my fave at the time), and the great part was his remark that watching us going on like that had been the funniest part of that day.

It's always great to be able to put a smile on someones face eh? Oh and he gave it to me for....... are you ready for this?.............................. NOTHING!!!!!!! Yup I actually have a pic of me that I love. lol And to think it was packed away for so long.

Just thought I would share. HEY, THIS COULD BE MY AVITAR FROM NOW ON!!!!!!!! hehehehe

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A 5 or 10

A 5 or 10 min. card that took me forever, AND made quite a mess. LOL

We had bought a really cute gift card for Danny's mom a while back that I fell in love with it, so I thought I would case it. Now I didn't take a photo of it, but it had a really simple embossed flourish border on it with a ribbon down the side with a beautiful heart charm, and a scroll type sentiment in the centre.
That being said, I had a sm. jar of flocking, bought when or where?... I don't remember, and thought I would give it a try...... I mean this was a simple design right?

It turned out taking me forever to finish and it really dosen't look anything like the inspiration card, but I am pleased as punch at the end result.
First I stamped the card front with my Palette stamp & stick glue pad, dumped the flocking on and hoped for the best. LOL
I think I over loaded the glue when I refilled the pad because I had one super sticky mess on my hands, desk, cs...........well everywhere, but I'm thinking because of that the flocking clung REALLY well. ANYWOOOOOOOOOO, the sentiment is from a foam stamp that Is one line, but I broke it up to fit the card front. I added the ribbon across the bottom instead of down the side like on the inspiration card, and replaced the heart charm with a broken earring with no mate that I found in my jewellery box.
I really like the christmas cards I did with the matching flaps, so I stamped this one also with black StazOn.

The stamp was purchased at the 2007 London Scrapbook Expo, but I can't remember from which booth, and it has no co. stamp on it.
The ribbon is a scrap piece I had laying around.

Hope you like it.

Thanks for stopping by
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Picture Tower

Sorry for the poor quality picture, but it late right now and so no sun to capture this beauty and I just had to show it to someone.
We were at Micheal's last Sept. or Oct. when i spied this tower, and I tell you every where we went in the store that day for some reason I kept gravitating right back to this baby. There was a black leather one on display, but then i saw that they had it in brown leather too, sooooooooooo I put it on the bottom of my cart, got about 10 paces away, paused, put it back, went another 10 or so paces, turned, put it back,.................................... well I'm guessing you get where this is going Right? lol
Debbie was getting a bit flustered with me at this point and asked why I kept putting it back if I wanted it so bad, to which I replied, "welllllllllllllll, we are here to buy for others,"
She gave me this really weird look, snatched it up and put it on the cart and said, "well then I am buying it for you, now can we go?".
Gots ta love Big Sisters eh? LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any whoooooooo, here it is closed, and no this is not my family, lol, I wanted to wait till we were in our new home before I filled it up, and trust me I will fill it and then some. I think I better start downloading all my pics to cd's like NOW.

And here it is opened, just look at all those Photo albums, each one holds 100 pics so if you put them in back to back to back you get 200 PICS PER ALBUM, that's 1600 pics in 8 albums. Then there are 3 Lg. drawers and 1 Sm. drawer. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? OH YA, and on the front you have 5 -5x7 pictures windows too.

Just wanted to share this treasure with you all.

Thanks for stopping by
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

With Love

This is another card I did last summer but never posted. I made it for my mom for Mother's Day, but ended up makeing a different card for her.

The pp is one of several my friend Dianne at made and gave to me.
Punches: Marvy Uchida and tonic studio
Sentiment: Karen Foster's small casul Snap-Stamps.
Flowers: from my stash
And of course that cute little paper clip paint roller.

Have a great day
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I decided that

I am going to be posting a few cards I did at the end of 2008 but never added them to my blog for one reason or another.

This rubbernecker image is the same one I used for my sister's card a while back, but that one was done in blue. I do have a few sentiments printed out with different embelishments, but I like it plain, how about you, what do you think?

pp from a Micheal's pp pack
Stickles from paperworks
bling from tayloredexpressions
Stamp'n Up word window punch
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Simple card

LOVE IT. The blue that is, after all it is my fave color.

HEY DEB, A 15 min. card.
YEAH ME, lol

I did make this for Christmas and did intend to get it out, but now I guess I can add it to my Christmas cards for this year.
All there is to this sucker is the Snowflake and Winter House cuttlebug folder which I sanded to bring out the white core , shear white dot ribbon, some blue chalk and a few minutes of my time.
The thing that took the longest time was chalking the snowflaks on the card base and the envelope flap.

Thanks for stopping by

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Christmas card for this year.

Well this is now a Christmas card for this year.

If you click on the pic you will see i went off the leaves, trying to touch up spots after I had put it all together. I was going to put a little something more on it, and messed it up.

Typical tonni move. lol

I do still love all the glimmer on it though, and as you can see the first pic all I used was a gel pen and a copper ink pad to do it. I applied both with a Q-Tip, just brushing it on. Ribbon is from a ribbon share with Jody

Here I was trying to let you see how it shimmers. Pretty cool eh.

Posted by Picasa I did the envelope flap also with the same embossed folder. The corners were done with my new Basket weave punch from

you all have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I just had to do another card with this image. She is so cute.
The dp is from the Basicgrey's wassail paper pad , the ribbon is again from Jody Morrow's ribbon share, and the cute string of lights I bought at Mike's.

Stay warm and enjoy the rest of the weekend
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

For a Very Special Person

Brrrrrrrr, Hope everyone is staying warm this Morning. It is reading -27 here right now, I am so not liking this way too windy and cold winter this year. How about you?

I think I am going to hunker down under my warm blankets, watch the TV, and hopefully
get a few cards done to show you.

This card is going out to a very, very special person in my life who's Birthday was a few weeks ago. I did have it done on time, but am quite late in getting it to her.

I tried the gamsol and prisma pencil blending on her............. not too bad'
The card base is Kraft CS, the DP and balloon brads are a Micheal's find. I added drops of acrylic paint to one and wrote Happy B'Day on the other with my mica permanent ink pen, I popped them up with dimensional and added gold thread. Her piggy tails have gold gems from tayloredexpressions, and added a strip of gold ribbon to the bottom.

Stay safe and warm
And thanks for stopping by
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last 2 for now and Check out these blogs

These are the last I will show you ( can I here a collective sigh there) ?

ETA: (Be sure to check out the end of this post for a chance to win some JAW DROPPING candy)

Anyway, this top one is a collection of images from Rubbernecker............the cutest things ever, but, well, they didn;t cut the mustard.
OH and here's a chuckle for you,
I have been trying to, master the Zindorf technique, and that cute little zebra from Artfulinkables is about the closest I have come, (how's that for embarrassing) but I am still trying.
Then I got so excited and started patting myself on the back and totally forgot to mask the the little bugger before stamping. LOL
Can I hear a "Scrap it"?

Tomorrow I will start to post a few cards that I managed to get together. Honest.

Check out these amazing crafters, get inspired, support a cause, and maybe win some awesome candy too.

Kim at has made the 5000 hit mark and is giving away an awesome blog candy. Not only that, check out her beautiful cards too, you won't regret it.

And Curt has a collection of 24 awesome cards he created for such a worthy cause, and another candy offering if you are interested, you just have to check them out and read his post.

The Talented Bev has more eye candy and giveaways for her 100,000 hits which you will see is no surprise when you check out all the beauty on her blog.

And Last but not least, Anne has the sweetest way of composing a card and leaving you feeling breathless plus a little something to knock your socks off also.

So what are you waiting for folks? Get going.

Enjoy you day
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2 of my no no's

Ok, so as I threatened/promised here are 2 of my NO-NO's
I couldn't get a good pic of these, but maybe that's a good thing.

I got them from Rubbernecker beacuse I just though they were so beautiful, buttttt I have yet to do them any justice.

Well enough said about these flops, More tomorrow then I promise I won't bother you with anymore.

Hope you all had a great day
and thanks 4 stopping by.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If you have been asking yourself

Where the heck I have been, (As if), well wonder no more.
I tell you this move has opened my eyes BIG TIME........................
The move was a success, but in trying to find a new home for all my things I came across a few ,as in 3, of these long Ikea totes
just jam packed full of what should have been images for cards, but ended up being my "ARE YOU CRAZY TONNIECE? THIS IS NOT FIT FOR THIS OR ANY CARD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!" and then thrown in bags for that particular company and then in turn in what has now turned into 3 totes.
Really, take a gander below at the first half of one of them.

And here is the other half
Now this is a shot of just one of them, cause lets face it just telling you all I have 3 is bad enough, but showing all three is down right embarrassing.
I think I will go and lick my wounds now, and add insult to injury by taking pics to show you all just how inept I have been/am.
Well................. that is if I can remember how to take a decent picture after this mojo sucking absence.

Hope you all have a brillant day
See you soon
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