Wednesday, August 23, 2006

For new Great Nefew

This is a card I made for my sister's very first grandchild Gabriel. I'm not sure who is prouder, my sister or her son. The little beauty was born July 30th, which by the way is on his father's birthday. What a great birthday present, especially since he is soo good. Gabriel (The baby) already stays up pretty much all day long... he dosent want to miss anything I guess. He's a great eater, and very good tempered. He gets them up 2 or three times at night, but not for long they say.
Wow!!!!!!!!! I got to thinking about my 2 daughters. They slept alllllllll day, and wouldn't wake for most of thier feedings, then be up all night long wanting to feed.
So I say to Jemal and Alithea, ENJOY THIS WHILE IT LASTS.
Oh ya the moon card was just because.
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platitudinal said...

I am continuously being astounded by your paper folding creation!