Tuesday, June 03, 2008

MFT Stamp

I did this for Valentines Day, but never did send it to anyone.
This first pic shows the front of the card and envy

While this next pic is the inside of the card and envelope flap
had to make the envelope and it is 5x5
(I just noticed that you can see some of the doublesided tape I used).
Oh well, it never pays to post before looking. lol

The blurred sentiment is not an oops though, I did that on purpose with wet ink and chalks.

The Heart is from http://www.mftstamps.com/
Sentiment is from dollar bin at local store.
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Dianne said...

This is such an elagant card so pretty, theres always next year:):)
Hey nobodys perfect, I don't know why you think you should be..

platitudinal said...

Tonniece, the envelope is equally lovely. You are so talented :)