Sunday, May 21, 2006

Challenge #1 Ethnic Doll

This was guite a challenge for me, because I have never really worked with anything other than paper. I found it quite a challenge indeeed.
Once I decieded which nationality I was going to do, I had to..............well do it.
First I decieded to make the kimono. The fabric is from an old sheet set that was worn and torn up, (i knew it would come in handy some day, but not to do this), I painted the flowers and leaves, and added some sparkle paint to outline. I don't know if you can see, but I sewed each of the wings differently, some of the leaves are sewen and some are a different color. Just to be different I guess.
Then on to the doll itself. this is were the WHEW!!!!!!!! comes in.
just wrapped material around long wooden coffee stirsticks, glued the dress on, and wrapped a piece of gold sparkle wire bow to waist. The head got stuffed and the face is a brotche that I thought looked chinese. I glued moveing eyes to back of this. Toothpix for hairpiece, and a little bow ribbon as adornment.
Challenge # one complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dianne said...

Well for it being your first time WELL DONE my dear she is beautiful.. Now can wait to see your fabulous fairy shoes..
Love ya Di...

smarcoux said...

what ... I did not think you did the flowers ...excellent work indeed I thought it was just some fabric you picked up ... well done.


suzanne said...

hello U Wonder Artist,
Since your not selling yet, HOPE there are Talent Scouts out there.
LOVE that shoe, goooooo girl.
lv. Suzanne