Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Practise run "LOL"

Well, Well, Well....Silly me.
We, - Suzanne, Sandy, Dianne and myself are doing another challenge, and this is my practise run, I guess you could call it.
The shoes we are to be doing, are FAIRY SHOES.
I know this is not even close, but couldn't resist trying to make high heeled shoes as I have attempted sandles in the past and I think they turned out ok.
These are made out of card stock, cardboard for the sole, foam for insole, and dowels for the heel. A few leaf adornment on sides and front and VOILA!!! my first high heeled shoe is complete.
Now on to the FAIRY SHOE.
Wish me luck.

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1 comment:

Dianne said...

Hello Miss Smarty Pants.
These shoe are fabulous, you could be a shoe designer.. The farie shoes will be a breeze, can't wait.
Love you more..