Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ok... So it's not Monday....

I loose track of time cause I'm just sooooo busy, (NOT), so I missed posting this week.
BUT here are a few more I've had done for some time now.
I did a closeup on both just because I wanted to. lol
This a House Mouse stamp, and how darn cute are they.
I have a few and will post them, HUMMMM, well no date cause I probably won't keep to it anyway.

This little cutie is from MFT, myfavoritethings. I love the penguins and the sentiments from this set.

Well off to see if I can get organized enough to get another post ready for you soon.
Have a great Friday
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Suzanne said...

Oh ever so cute, Oh yes I remember the mice one's, nice stamps girl, love them.

Dianne said...

Owwhhh love them mice see it in my hand looks gorgeous..
Come on I know you have more cards to look at LOL..

platitudinal said...

Tonniece, I've been busy preparing for Christmas and didn't get much chance to surf the net. What a treat it is to see your blog and all the eye candies you put here! Love the mouse, the penguins, and all the cards you made. I'm going to bed now and will dream of dancing cards with singing mouse and penguin.

Luci :)

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

I love your cards! The one with the mice is just too cute and we had a mouse situation just yesterday. The cats bring them in as gifts for me and then of course, the mouse runs wild in the house and we follow(the cats and I) like wild things...they think its a game and I want to get hold of the mouse before he thinks this is home! Last night was a particular struggle and finally I caught him and let him free by the river...I think there must be a whole colony living there by now, coming from us, or maybe it is the same one, finding his way back every time!