Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ok, here's the deal

I was tagged awhile back by Sandy at to reveil 7 facts, random or weird about myself then tag 7 others.
I find I'm not too great at talking about myself, so I was hopeing she would forgive me if I didn't play.
I find that I have been tagged again by Jen at ,so I guess I'll take a stab at it.

1 I am the third child of 5, (One older brother, one older sister, and two younger brothers) yet I am the baby because I'm the youngest girl. Go figure. WEIRD

2 I was named after a Sheenie ( A person who rode a horse drawn cart selling new and used clothing and household goods, in the early 50's). Weird? LOL

3 I was born in May, as were both my daughters, and two of my granddaughters. (must have been some cold winters here in Canada eh?) Random

4 I'm not really talkative and usually very shy around strangers. Although my friends say I'm super silly and too talkative when I'm tired. (I don't believe them though) LOL Random

5 I have no belly button. (DON'T ASK) When my girls were small, they would parade their friends in, and get this, charge them a nickle to look at my "NOBELLYBUTTON" as they called it. ok, ok REALLY Weird

6 My brother used to be a DJ, and my sister and I used to be GO GO dancer's in the club he worked at. LOL boy does that date me. ROFL

7 I used to have this savage beast in me that made me a CLEAN FREAK, as my friends and family so lovingly called me. But that has been squelched since I got my puter. Now housework seems to be a thing of the past. Bad Puter!!!!! lol

whew!!!!, that was hard. Now I am suposed to tag 7 others, BUT if you read this and want to play along please feel free. I'd love to hear some random/weird things about you.

Thanks Sandy and Jen for choosing me.
Have a great day all


platitudinal said...

Wow, Tonniece! I enjoyed this ... I learned 7 more new things about you. Perhaps I should tag you as well (Sandy tagged me too). You have no belly button??? That is amazing! Have you watched the TV series Kyle XY ... he has no belly button either!!! That is just way ... over the top ... too cool! :) I'm not surprised you were a dancer. You must look really stunning with your legs so long.

Love, Luci :D

Tonniece said...

Hi Luci

DON'T you dare tag me again, LOL, I am running out of things to tell about myself.
Now it's your turn.

enigma said...

hi tonniece, thanks for visiting! i love your arts as well. hey, i'm a May girl too! ^_^

Africantapestry said...

So nice to read something about you tonniece.
You did Go Go dancing? I haven't seen or heard that in years...nowadays with all these new things they have(I can also wave my arm over my head and call it street dancing...)

Dianne said...

Hey girlfriend those dancing days were the best, you were a FUNKY dancer GREAT if I may even say so..
I'm glad your not a clean freak any more heheheh..

juj said...

So fun to learn a little more about you and we have something in common - I am the "baby" too - the youngest of 5 girls.