Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If you have been asking yourself

Where the heck I have been, (As if), well wonder no more.
I tell you this move has opened my eyes BIG TIME........................
The move was a success, but in trying to find a new home for all my things I came across a few ,as in 3, of these long Ikea totes
just jam packed full of what should have been images for cards, but ended up being my "ARE YOU CRAZY TONNIECE? THIS IS NOT FIT FOR THIS OR ANY CARD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!" and then thrown in bags for that particular company and then in turn in what has now turned into 3 totes.
Really, take a gander below at the first half of one of them.

And here is the other half
Now this is a shot of just one of them, cause lets face it just telling you all I have 3 is bad enough, but showing all three is down right embarrassing.
I think I will go and lick my wounds now, and add insult to injury by taking pics to show you all just how inept I have been/am.
Well................. that is if I can remember how to take a decent picture after this mojo sucking absence.

Hope you all have a brillant day
See you soon
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Elena said...

Glad that moving went well!
I think if I will put everything in the bags I will have a story close to you!
Thank you so much for stopping at my place Tonniece!

Deb Neerman said...

Thank God your move is behind you ... I hate moving!

LOLO, at your totes ... ummm, I have a couple of those, too! I thought all paper crafters did?!?

You should go through 'em, you'll find some treasures ... and some things you didn't even know you had, lol.

~Hugs, Deb

Enfys said...

hmm, I recognise those totes. Did you get them from my house? I have loads of stamped images that I have painstakingly coloured in and put to one side. Then I find them again and think 'why?' Glad your move went well
Enfys x

Tonniece said...

Good to know ladies, I was beginning to think I was the only one with so many no-no's lol