Thursday, January 22, 2009

Picture Tower

Sorry for the poor quality picture, but it late right now and so no sun to capture this beauty and I just had to show it to someone.
We were at Micheal's last Sept. or Oct. when i spied this tower, and I tell you every where we went in the store that day for some reason I kept gravitating right back to this baby. There was a black leather one on display, but then i saw that they had it in brown leather too, sooooooooooo I put it on the bottom of my cart, got about 10 paces away, paused, put it back, went another 10 or so paces, turned, put it back,.................................... well I'm guessing you get where this is going Right? lol
Debbie was getting a bit flustered with me at this point and asked why I kept putting it back if I wanted it so bad, to which I replied, "welllllllllllllll, we are here to buy for others,"
She gave me this really weird look, snatched it up and put it on the cart and said, "well then I am buying it for you, now can we go?".
Gots ta love Big Sisters eh? LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any whoooooooo, here it is closed, and no this is not my family, lol, I wanted to wait till we were in our new home before I filled it up, and trust me I will fill it and then some. I think I better start downloading all my pics to cd's like NOW.

And here it is opened, just look at all those Photo albums, each one holds 100 pics so if you put them in back to back to back you get 200 PICS PER ALBUM, that's 1600 pics in 8 albums. Then there are 3 Lg. drawers and 1 Sm. drawer. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? OH YA, and on the front you have 5 -5x7 pictures windows too.

Just wanted to share this treasure with you all.

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Enfys said...

FANTASTIC! I have never spotted those - I just love it, and it has such a small footprint you could put it anywhere.
Enfys xx

Maria said...

LOL! I'm the same way when I go shopping! I'll fill my basket with all kinds stuff that I want and by the time I get to the check out stand, I end up with buyer's remorse and returned 75% of all the stuff I initially wanted to buy.

I love, love your photo tower! It's such a great looking tower and great decor piece especially with all the pretty photos!!


Anne said...

WoW I want one LOL!
It really looks very good!
Oh my, you'll have fun with your pictures soon then?
Have a great weekend Tonniece!
Hugs XXX

Risa Malieta W. said...

Oh Tonniece...your photo tower is a beautiful piece of furniture! I love it girl!!!

Elena said...

Wow! A photo tower looks fantastic! I love it too!

Bev said...

Lol - I had a good giggle at the story that led up to you getting this, too funny. It's fabulous - never seen anything like it before.

hugs Bev x

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Oh my gosh! That holds a lot of photos! It's stunning! :O)

platitudinal said...

Wow, Tonniece, you have a gazillion pictures! Thank you for sharing this story, now I don't think my mom is extreme anymore (she snaps pictures like she breathes air). :D

I thought your back and forth "dancing" steps in the store was funny. I do that too in the bookstore. Debbie is such an awesome sister!