Thursday, June 01, 2006

Baby Shower

Well hello people.

I have been very remiss in keeping this blog up to date, but you know how it is.
Got really busy, then in a slump. And now on to a new challenge with my buddies.

These are a few of the Baby Shower invitations that I have been doing for my sister.
Her Son, My nefew (Of course), and his lovely lady are due to have thier first baby in a few mos. and I offered to do the shower invitations for her. Good thing because Debbie (my Sister and first time GRANDMOTHER to be) is on cloud nine and really acting like a space cadet. For those of you who have been there you know what I mean.

Well anyway I found this cute bag for baby gifts, copied it and put it on the back of the envelopes, which I posted earlier. I thought it was really cute, and in case you can't read it in last post: it says

With a new baby in the house,
there'll be crying, bottle drinking, temper tantrums....
(Just don't do it in front of the baby!).

Too cute eh?????

Well there are 30 of these things to do, and they don't want to know what she is haveing, so I did them in blue, pink, and yellow. Trying to find a nice soft green allso. After all green is the new pink.( LOL) Inside joke.
I have been doing a few other thing also, and as soon as they are done I will post.
Hope that is soon. too much on my pallett at one time.
Oh well keeps me on my toes I guess.

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smarcoux said...

ha ha ha dont do it in front of the children .. cute..
the cards are just great shesh .. now you probably wonder why wasnt i doing this all these years damn...
have a great time at it and they look great... yes onto the next challenge

Dianne said...

The cards look too kool, you are just too good Miss Smarty Pants..
Love them....

bitchinatstitchin said...

great invitations. but I LOVE the shoes
thanks for the kind words