Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well, Well, Well. Here I am again, and this is my attempt at working with clay. Not at all what it was originally going to look like. This was the prettiest hues of blues, pinks, and sort of irridesent.
Let me tell you ...."Don't follow the baking instructions". I did this at the right temp.,- time..... well I didn't get to the right time because they burned to a crisp,( Well almost), but bad enough that I had to paint it all as you can see quite different colors.
Oh the pain of it all. LOL
I did several pieces, and all were salvagable, though not to my liking.
Picky, picky, picky.
Back to the drawing board I guess.
See you soon

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suzanne said...

hey women,
glad i got to see this before you put it on the blog, just seams so different after you see it in person, great job, couldn't tell it was burned to a crisp at all.

smarcoux said...

looks great all the way from england !! nice work .. how are those fairy shoes going ?

Tonniece said...

Thanks Sandy, but hopeing to do a better job of it next time.
The shoes are comeing along ok, a few snags here and there, but all in all they are shapeing up.
AND how are you doing with your shoes chickie? LOL
Talk soon