Saturday, June 24, 2006

Messing about with Material

SO....... today, well friday that is, I played around with shaveing foam and material. This is some of the results.
I brushed off the foam from most of them, but thought I liked the look with the foam, so I left it on a few of them and left them to dry.
They dried very hard, and I think they look better (more texture).
Next time I'll do it on a colored background.
Can't wait to see how my rusting is comeing along. More on that later.

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Dianne said...

OWWHHH these are very nice with you lovely new paints, i like the texture too...
Love Di

smarcoux said...

very nice Toni .. you know you can over dye these pieces just have to put them in a dye bath... and it will transform them.

smarcoux said...

good blog check it out