Friday, July 07, 2006

inkjet Transfer

This little cutie belongs to a friend of my mom's. He wanted to have her transfered onto a pillow.
I was so into doing this, but NOT paying attention to what I was doing. No cropping or any adjusting on my printer. The dog is B/W anyway, but I didn't capture that cute mug of hers.
Know better next time. (Here's Hopeing) LOL

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suzanne said...

hey girl, that transfer piece is not bad, bet you will like doing that.

suzanne said...

hey also this saves you from having
to put that hair on, good idea.

smarcoux said...

Toni .. dont worry about the edges dear... put pieces of black or grey fabric on the sides to border the piece and make it a bit bigger... what did you end up using in the end to transfer it ?


Tonniece said...

hi Sandy

I used the freezer paper, but I should have used a pic with more color.
I was going to highlight the fur, because it is a shiny silver grey. I guess I can do it with paints. (defeating the purpose of transfereing).
Better next time. Fingers crossed.