Saturday, July 01, 2006

Second attempt

OK ,OK last one of these.
This little thing was my second attempt at fairy shoes.
I made this one out of foam, with lace glued and sewn onto it. I sewed the sole onto the upper, added beads all around and tacked some on the top of shoe. Added some beads and a tiny piece of ribbon I had as a tassle. (love the ribon, got to get more, But where?) This ribbon was off of something I recieved on a gift wrapped present.

I remember thinking if I don't get this one right, I going to throw in the towel. But I'm glad I stuck to it, and it turned out to be quite a lot of fun.

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smarcoux said...

Wow .... give up your day job!! these are fantastic... did you see how you can put them in a frame with some text.. paper ripped up a bit so it looks old or whispy fabric in the frame too and sell them .. these are all fantastic .. really love the ones with the curly toes...
The book is great as well...
by the way how did the printing on fabric turn out?

Tonniece said...

Hey there Sandy
thanx for the web site, whewww lots to look at there.

No printed pics. Couldn't find my freezer paper and neither could Di.
But will do as soon as possible.

I lost that site you sent with the fairy shoes when I switch from windows pro to windows home.

Anyway thanx for all the tips, you and Di are a godsend.