Thursday, March 22, 2007

An African Live Cam

Wow Wow Wow, I just was visiting Circleofcrafters today, and discovered this site. I did not find the original post, so can't say who sent it in, but this is a live web cam in Africa. I believe this is in Nkorho Africa. I read that a few ladies have seen elephants and a few others, I have spotted I believe a buffalo or Bison? But that is all so far. You can hear all the monkey's and distant sounds of the animals (oh ya, they are 9 hrs. ahead of us here in Canada, so it's 11pm there right now). It's pretty interesting to watch, but you do have to wait quite a while to see anything. wa wa wa.
Hope this link works. Give it a try, and enjoy. or
There will be a short commercial before the live cam kicks in so don't think you are at the wrong site. If you go to the first one, look on the left hand side for Nkorho and the videocam will open up.
OK>>>>>>>>>> as I was doing this post I skipped on over to the cam and spotted a hyienna (spelling right? not sure, but there you have it) LOL

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