Saturday, March 03, 2007

A little Fun

Today I though I'd have a bit of fun and do this cute clown.
This first pic is of course the uncolored first step, (well almost uncolored).
And this is the end result. The colors are much brighter than they are showing here, Not sure why.
Anyway, other than thinking I might redo the sleeves, I think she's pretty darn cute.
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Carol said...

I think she's pretty stunning. I do so love your artwork. Thank you for making me smile.


Tonniece said...

Thanks Carol.
She is a funny little thing I think, and fun to do.
Happy she put a smile on your face.

Have a great day

platitudinal said...

Yes, Tonniece, she is pretty darn cute. She certainly can carry those rosy cheeks and red button nose very well. I am so jealous ... after the kite day, my cheeks and nose are red ... but I don't look anywhere close to cute! Boohoo.

Tonniece said...

Well thanks Luci.

I really can't imagine that you wouldn't look cute with that little nose and those cheeks all aglow from the chill.
Surley you jest!!!!

Have a good one