Thursday, March 22, 2007

A few cards for mom's Day

As is the case a lot lately, I couldn't sleep, and of course there was nothing on the boob tube so I dicided to try and do a card. As it turned out I did a few cards. I will post this one now and hopefully the rest later today.

This is the outside of the card. The dress is done in cold foil paper which is really shiny, some gold mesh I cut from a Xmas ribbon is on the bottom, and a great ribbon I purchased a while ago that has lots of shimmery pink, blue, and gold in it. As you all know my camera is kaput, so I finally hooked up my new printer and scanned it. BUT as you can see, it still does not pick up all the shimmer although it is at least in focuss.

This is a scan of the dress opened. I stamped my new spabella from , and then used one of my it's a girl thing stamps from which I purchased from Dawn at

No verse on inside of card as yet but thinking it's a cute card for mom's day. Kind of like from the spa to the ball Kind of thing. We'll see. Well off to see if I can spot any more an-e-mules on my new fave site.

Have a great day all


Dianne said...

Another winner love the dress and how it opens too cool...

platitudinal said...

Tonniece!!!! :D
I love this card! If you don't mind, may I copy this card?

Tonniece said...

Thanks Di and Luci

I don't mind if you copy it Luci. not at all. I have a few more dress designs if you would like to see them.