Monday, July 02, 2007

EDM #16

Challenge sixteen was to do a fave tool, and although I really don't have one I did think this was quite a hoot. Us poor women get razzed all the time for our machanical skills all the time, and this was sent to me by a male co-worker.
I have worked in a plant that makes car parts for the last 17 yrs, and I run and fix all m/c problems except anything to do with electrical.
The fella that sent this was the lead setup for my area, and knows how well I can fix my own problems with the m/c, but he used to get so annoyed with some of the ladies there who's sole purpose was to look good at all costs, and wait content in the knowledge that Dear Paul would be there at any moment to fix that dirty m/c's (2 second problem).
Did I say annoyed?....... well I meant something quite stronger. LOL
He used to say "I wonder how they's do if I gave them a knife and a shoe"

Where he found this I don't know, but I thought it would be funny to include it in this challenge.

From Danny's tool box.
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Carol said...

I don't know how you do it they are wonderful and your attention to detail is fantastic. You are a wonderful artist Tonniece, truly wonderful.

Dianne said...

Most men blha blha (not our lovely Scottmen), seems the tec man is a little threatened LOL..
Excellent draws...

Tonniece said...

Well thank you Carol and Di.
That shoe and knife had me howling for quite a while I'll tell you.

platitudinal said...

Oh my word, that "hammer" and "screwdriver" set is just too funny! :D

All the tools you drew look very nice, Tonniece. I love the details you did on Danny's clipper. It is a clipper, right? It clips things afterall ;)

Nola said...

What a hoot!

Though I guess it's fair to ask how many men sew on their own buttons and take up their new trousers themselves? It's not just women who go all weak-kneed when faced with new skills.