Saturday, July 21, 2007

Prisma Color markers

After a bit of an absence I thought I would at least try to get a bit caught up on my blog.

I did this clown all in my new Prisma ink markers. I collect clowns and thought I'd try drawing one.
The original clown I attempted was a bust, it's so cute, but all bent over in a very awkward pose hiding a loaf of bread. to get the full effect (OH CHICKEN ME, would have had to do it in TWO or THREE different angles to see it all).
Aside from the yellow jelly roll pen, it's all ink, so there are a few blips in there that try as I might to fix them, I was only making them worst so I decided to leave it as it is.
This little birdie was not really there, but this pose begged for something, so there you have it.

Hope you like my little "Lucy clown", LOL........Yes I have names for almost all of them.

Have a great weekend all.
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Into the Blystic said...

Great illustration! I've been meaning to try those markers! namaste elis

Africantapestry said...

This is fun...I LOVE your Lucy clown! You did a beautiful job!! Looks like you're having fun with those new markers.

Dianne said...

Absolutley fantastic girly, pens llog great, but only one pic whaaaaaaa....

Tonniece said...


Thank you.
You will love them. The colors are so vibrant, and they lay down nice and smooth. Go get some, REALLY.


FUN? WOW! These are the smoothest markers, I am getting the whole line of colors. (Yeah right, lol in this life and the next). A bit pricey, and so many colors, but worth it. One step at a time. LOL
WOOO.... I just had to take a deep breath, and run and hide my credit card.


LOL. Thanks Di.
More comeing soon. Just got a bit sidetracked.
You know me, spin me around and I forget what I was doing.

platitudinal said...

Lucy the clown is marvelous. I love how elegant her hands looked, so unexpected for a clown :)

Tonniece, are you going to do a series of drawing of your clowns? I'm very much interested to see the rest of them :)

Carol said...

Simply fantastic Tonniece. That little bird fits in beautifully.