Sunday, July 22, 2007

Small but cute

I was making some cards the other day, and in the process of looking for some ribbon I came across these babies.
I made them I believe, last summer, or this past winter and totally forgot about them or where I got the idea from now.

But are they cute or what?

What are they you ask?
Well you use doublesided tape and put wrapped Chocolates, Like those small Hershy bars
(they fit purrrrr-fect) or candies in them, and attatch to gifts,
OR whatever you like.
They were so much fun to do, as I got to use up a lot of my scrap ribbons and cardstock. I even used some leftover punch cutouts (I had saved for whatever), some wall paper, and some stickers.

I was so cited, I Just thought I'd share them with you.
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platitudinal said...

Holy Macaroni! They are absolutely adorable, Tonniece!!!

So pretty and charming! I really like them. Gosh :)

Nola said...

I really like these too - you have been busy, haven't you? Such a clever idea - I'll have to file that away for special presents. Hmm, my daughter turns 30 next month....

Carol said...

These are absolutely wonderful Tonniece. They are so cute.