Thursday, August 23, 2007

Getting a head start!!!!!!

I'm trying to get a head start on the X-mas season this year, unlike last year where I was scrambling to get all my cards done in time.
These ones are quite simple, but I have a few in the works that are new to me, techinque wise, and hopefully they turn out ok.

This card was easy peasy because I just drew the gift with the bear peeking out, added a few embellishments and some sparkle on the ribbon.

A quich stamp, a scrap piece of wrapping paper from last year as a background, a small piece of felt cut into two small mittens, and some gold string.

I'm sure I've had these letters for way too many years, so I thought why not use them on SOMETHING this year. A bit of X-mas paper trimmed with scalloped scissors, some bling, a piece of ribbon tied into a bow, a candycane, and a little star . Another quick and easy card done.

This card looks so plain, but trust me it's not. What you can't see is that I embossed this whole card, Ifirst did the green and heat embossed that, then the red. I took the flowers and died them a very pretty green to match the card front, and just the tips of the small flowers to match the red.
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Dianne said...

All the what you call easy peasy stuff is what makes your cards unique from others.. These are all really lovely and unique...
Thank you for posting them I'm very happy know :):):):)
Your Buddy

Tonniece said...

LOL Thanks Dianne.