Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's still X-mas cards for now

I messed this one up, but I still think it looks ok.
I used my Versa mark pad to stamp on all of the white c/s, added the clear embossing powder, set with my heat gun. I did this several times to get the right effect, and on the last time I add some glitter before heat setting. (I used the fine embossing powder, and not the utee) as I have none. BUT I still like how it turned out none the less. It still pops out nicely

Just sponged on some avacodo green, added a circle cut from a piece of X-mas paper. I added some sparkle to the star, added the sentiment and red ribbon.

White c/s with a blue chalk added, some snowflakes, cute snowmen , a border made with some bric a brac

A small Christmas money card.
Some vellum with snowflakes on it, stampin up's tree and 'All spruced up' quote, a few eyelets and gold elastic string.
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juj said...

I really like all the Christmas cards you've been doing lately - those snowmen are especially cute, and I really like the last one of the house. But more than that I applaud you for being so on top of things. I will be the one on December 22nd, up to my elbows in scraps of paper and ribbon, glue in my hair, and glitter all over the floor screaming "Why, oh WHY didn't I do this months ago!?"

Dianne said...

See I told you people were waiting to see your creations:)
The cards only get better..
I like the lastr on beautiful the snowladys are so sweet.. You make it sound so easy, I know they ae not that easy to make..
All the little extra makes them great..
Thanks again for posting them...

Nola said...

Fantastic cards! Just blows me away. I have been so swamped the last two Christmases I didn't even send any cards (hangs head in shame).

Tonniece said...

Thanks Ladies, but this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.
Lots more to get done, and no consentration to keep me focused.


I hear ya, that is really what I do every year, hence this heroic effort to try and get some done.


Thanks for the support buddy. Now how about a little jump start too. LOL Hows that go? Looseing my muse again, and boy oh boy it dosen't take much for that to happen these days.


LOL, you are definately not alone there. The price of cards these days is horrendous, and not much cheaper money or time wise to make.
So hang your head no more my friend.

All you ladies have a great Monday

Carol said...

I love all of your cards Tonniece. Fantastic.

platitudinal said...

What incredible cards! They're all so special and beautiful. Some are cute and charming and some are more "serious" ... ahem, elegant :)

I admire you for your headstart for the holiday season. Making stuffs without great hurry is much more pleasurable, isn't it?

Much love,