Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not really Old, Just Mature

Ok I'm in a bit of a weird mood today. You see I was looking for something, and ended up finding a few older pics of my girls. As I'm sure you've guessed I never did find what I was looking for.

I got to thinking as I made my way through all the pics that I really can't believe they are all grown up ALREADY, and with children of their own.

WOW, times flies by so fast these days.

Now I have never been one to think about how old I am, or if I'm *Acting my age* whatever that is suposed to be, because as we were growing up my mom who always said "you're as young as you feel",never looked or acted *her age*. She was always a hoot and I think we kept her young too. We all used to call her Lucy... because she was as nutty and funny as Lucille Ball. LOL
But I did consider it today while looking at these pics. then I got this e-mail.

Talk about good timeing.

So here gos

We're not old, Just mature
Today at the drugstore, the clerk was a gent
From my purchase this chap tool off 10 percent,
I asked for the cause of the lesser amount,
And he answered, "because of the seniors discount.

I went to McDonald's for a burger and fries
And there once again got quite a surprise,
The clerk poured the coffee which he handed to me
He said "because you're a senior, the coffe is free"

Understand I'm not old, I'm mearly mature
But things are really changeing I'm sure,
The newpaper print gets smaller each day
And people speak softer....I Can't hear what they say

My teeth are my own ( I have the receipt)
Need my glasses to identify the people I meet,
The silver In my hair has been bleached by the sun
And OH! all the damage that clorine has done

My car is all paid for... not a nickle is owed
Yet a kid Yells "old duffer, get off the road",
My car has no scratches.... not even a dent
But I still get this hassle from a punk that's hell bent.

The steps on the houses they're building today
Are so high, that they take my breath away,
And the streets are much steeper then ten years ago
That should explain why my walking's so slow.

But I'm keeping up on what's hip and what's new
And i think I can still dance a "Mean Boogaloo",
I'm still in the running, of this I am sure
Because, I'm not really Old, I'm Just Mature.

Youth is a gift of nature
But Age is a work of art

Author Unkown

Well I think that about summs up my thought for today, so I think I'll just go "BOOGIE" on out to the other room and take my aches and pains meds. and get something done today. LOL

Ok I'm just kidding about the meds, but not the aches and pains.

Hope everyone has a super day


platitudinal said...

Children have a way to remind us that time doesn't stand still. I thought I was just counting Christer's toes, and now he's this gangly boy.

Alright, Tonniece, I'm saying this outloud ... I am a "work of art." Hehehehe ;)

Tonniece said...

Hi Luci

I truly agree with you, you are a wonderful work of art LS.