Sunday, October 21, 2007


Thought I'd do a few Halloween cards too, since it's right around the corner.

Painted tissue paper on gold c/s, dry stenciled the happy halloween, the fence, and the tree I did 2x's so it would stand out from the fence. The little plastic pumpkins were in a card I got last year, so I added pop dots to them too.

This card could be for thanks giveing or halloween I think. so no sentiment yet

Again no sentiment, but it will when i give it to someone.
I did the pumpkins on vellum. and stamped the brown background.

Good thing witches are ugly, because this one sure is. She is done on orange vellum and water colored. I mounted this on a lighter orange c/s, then a green card base.
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Dianne said...

What lovely cards, sp halloweeny:)
I really love the witch one, you should enter it into out Halloween cahllenge, I'd love that...

Dianne said...

Sorry for the spelling mistakes
my fingers are funny today...

Africantapestry said...

your cards are favorite...the pumpkin card. I have a soft spot for pumpkins...their shape, texture, their colour... and I enjoy visiting and choosing a favorite!

smarcoux said...

Hi Toni

Well missy I love all your cards ... package is on the way .. just waiting to hear how much it is and will let you know. by the way .. I tagged you see my blog for details.

Tonniece said...


Wanted to do some really spooky ones, but no time.... well maybe there is.
Might post them, but doubt it. Thanks anyway though.


I'm not really a halloweeny (is that a word?) kind of person, but I like the pumpkin one too.
Thanks for stopping by.


Thanks so much. I am waiting eagerly for it's arrival.
Tagged? oh my!!!!!
7 things you say? Hummmm LOL

Carol said...

Fabulous cards Tonniece. I love them all.

cata said...

Hello Tonniece!
wow!!! so much work on halloween.
The first one is my favorite.
regards and thanks for stopping by my blog.

platitudinal said...

These are all great cards, Tonniece! I wonder what sort of exciting potion the withc is brewing ... ;)

Tonniece said...

HE HE HE, Thanks Cata, Carol, and Luci.