Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Debbie's and my rewards

And as a thank you, Debbie and I recieved these yummy treats from the girls.
There were a few more, but they mysteriously disappeared.HUMMMM. Deb and I think they didn't want to eat any of their's, so they snuck our treats instaed. LOL

After we finished up in the kitchen we all retired to the liveingroom to watch movies. Mind you they were wired for sound at this point, so there wasn't too much watching, but ohhhhhhh boy there was a lot of giggling and talking.

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suzanne said...

That must have been fun, the girls look like they did.
Hope you had your fill of the goodies. Nice pic's and comments on the white areas.

platitudinal said...

Wow, I love cookie thank yous! :)

*Tonniece, you must have cleaned your house real good. I didn't see any clutter there other than the baking necessities. Confess now, in which room did you hide "everything"? (grin & wink)

Tonniece said...


Yes the girls had a ball, and they had their fill of junk too. LOL
Just loved haveing them over to do this. Alas, Debbie and I only got the one cookie each and the girls ate the rest. Sneaky little devils.


Yes it was really cute when the girls asked us to leave the room for min.
When they called us back to the kitchen, there they were grinning from ear to ear with I could have sworn was tree cookies each for Debbie and myself.
You do motice that there are now only one each. You do the math.

As for the clean up? Well that closet is so full I dare not open it as yet.Maybe some day if I can't find something. LOL


Carol said...

Hi Tonniece,

Just dropped by to wish you a very Happy Christmas.


platitudinal said...

Dear Tonniece,

Have a merry, merry Christmas.
May you get more cookie reward on that joyous day. ;)