Sunday, December 31, 2006

A few pics of family

well as promised, Here are a few pics of my family. We all got together on Friday and what fun.
My two daughter's were the lives of the party, but everyone had a great time.
I forgot to bring my camera, so there are more pics on Dianne's blog.
The first pic is my two girls, Corinne on the left , and Misti on the right. The second pic is nephews top left Kyle, Jemal, Ryan, Bottom left to right, daughter Misti, niece Jodi, and Corinne daughter
Then here is my DS Debbie, and SIL Marie, and last but not least is the star of the night, Gabriel, my sister Debbie's first and only grandson who is 5 mos. old already, and teething. That little tyke chewed on any, and everything he could get his hands on, bless his heart. But he is not cranky. They hit pay dirt with this one.
More pic's on Dianne's blog.
Sorry,,,,, I tried to put her blog but still not computer sauvy enough yet I guess. This is second time editing it, so go to magpiesenvy to see more pics

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Dianne said...

This was a special night for my with my family, and it was great to see Ryguy and Jody..

Tonniece said...

Well we both got a surprise I guess, and yes it was special for me too. Glad you were there.

Love Tonniece

platitudinal said...

Tonniece, your daughters are so prettty. I guess they take after you :)

One cannot help but smile when seeing your sister holding her very first grandchild. I don't think anyone could be happier and prouder.

Tonniece said...


Yes I do have to agree with you there, they are pretty, but I guess I am just a tad partial. hehe

My sister is just beaming with her new grandson. I though I was happy, but she waited sooooo long, and she has only one son, so she though he would never give her a grandchild. lol
Kids, they just seem to have a way of tearing at your heart strings eh?


Carol said...

Hi Tonniece,

I loved seeing your family. Nothing nicer than spending time relaxing with your family is there?