Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The finished goods

Well a great time was had by all. The houses got completed, as did all the cookies.
Kendra and Micheala are hams as you can see, while Taylor was just content to sit this last picture out.
I believe her comment was "Give them the spotlight, I'm much too old for this". All of 9 yrs. old LOl
Although she did enjoy my takeing pics as she progressed with her house building.

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platitudinal said...

The kids did a great job!
All the gingerbread houses looked great, and they looked pretty yummy as well! :)

*Did the kids munch on the candies too as they're building their houses? What a great activity. I'm sure they had lots of fun.

Tonniece said...

Luci I was amazed at just how well they did do. And absolutely no help from us till the very end when one of the houses just needed a bit more iceing to stay together.

They ate a lot more cookies than we were aware of till much too late.
But fear not we each blamed the other when we (Debbie and I) got calls from their parents the next day blameing us for them being soooo hyper.

God parents are such stick in the muds. LOL