Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cards at last

Well it seems that since the new year I just can't get in the mood to do any crafts.
These two cards are put together from patterns that I sewed in Oct. 2006 and just never finished. So in trying to get in the mood I though why not try doing cards that were already in the makeings.
They both seem to be a bit fuzzy, Sorry for that, but I did try takeing pics of them a few times with the same results.
The wording on the top card reads "The heart that loves, is always young" in case it's not ledgible.
The red card is the original pattern with the grid still attach, while I did try to change it up a bit on the blue card, missing the mark at tad, I am still pleased the the result.
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Carol said...

Hi Tonniece,

These cards are lovely. Sometimes it's hard to get back into our crafts, just go with the flow. I read books and magazines when I go through a "block" like that and ususally something I read or see spurs me on to get creative again.

How's the PSP going?

platitudinal said...

Hat's off to you, Tonniece, for being able to pick up unfinished projects and finished them! Woohoo! :D

And, the cards are pretty. I like the vine pattern: it looks intricate.

Tonniece said...


Thanks for the tip. I will give that a try. I usually do get a bit of a spark from books. See not with it.
Thanks again

I'll send you an e-mail about PSP. that should give you a chuckle


Yes that's how lazy, or whatever it is that I am right now.
But I am glad I did them now because the blue one was getting a bit ruined being shuffled around all the time.
Glad you like them, I do too which surprised me.

Have a good day
your BS Tonniece

suzanne said...

You go girl, looking good. Very pretty cards. Keep up your good foot, it helps motivate the other side of the brain.
Love Suzanne

Tonniece said...

I'll keep that in mind Suzanne.
Can't hurt to try I guess.