Friday, January 19, 2007

For you LUCI

In response to you comment in my last post I though I'd show you the water soluable crayons.
This is a tin of 10, but you can get bigger ones. A tad on the expensive side, that's why I only got 10.
They are made by GARAN D'ACHE of Switzerland
10 Neocolor II water-soluable wax pastels. They come in three different shade groups that I know of.

These are great as a water-soluable too, although they are not advertised as such. A bit less money, I think I pais $7.50 for this pack of 12. These also come in a variety of shade packs, and sizes. They are woodless color pensils, which outlast woodcast pensils and have ideal blending properties.
finest hartmuth color
by Chartpak
made in the czech Republic.
And there are woodless Graphite pensils also.

Hope this helps you.
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platitudinal said...

Dear Tonniece,

Thank you so much for this post.
I appreciate all the informations.

Luci :)
she who has a very smart & very talented big sis.

Tonniece said...

You are so welcome LS