Thursday, January 18, 2007

Painted on Canvas

Today I felt like drawing, so I painted this on canvas. I got the focus better but cut off the top of her head, sorry about that
I used my water soluable crayons. I think it turned out ok. They blended great on the canvas.
I will be adding a background later. Posted by Picasa


smarcoux said...

wow T your drawing of faces has really come a long way fantastic ...

oh about the camera ... can you change the resolution to a higher resolution which will give you less pictures but the quality might be better ..


Carol said...

Tonniece this is absolutely wonderful. I am so in awe of people who can draw since I can't draw to save my life.

Great work.

platitudinal said...

Such a pretty girl ... caught in deep thought. Make one wonders what is she thinking about. Is the title to this painting 'A Penny For Your Thought'? ;)

*Tonniece, I never heard about water soluble crayons before. Of course I had to google it right away. I keep learning new things by reading your blog! Thank you, Tonniece.

Tonniece said...

LOL..... Sandy this is done on a 12x12 canvas, so I'm thinking that being a bigger surface helped. Although I am still trying to do the smaller ones too.
The resolution!!!!!!!!!!! Wow I never though of that, thanks. I'll try that today.


What a fibber you are, I have seen some of your drawings and find them to be great, as I'm sure other do also.
But thank you so much for your nice comments anyway.

Hugs to you both

Carol said...

Now where did you see my drawings? I too would love to see them (smile). I wish I could draw but I can't (sigh).

Dianne said...

Hey this is beautiful girly, you are getting so good love it..

Tonniece said...

LOL. Carol you did did a few late last year, if memory serves and they were awesome. SO THERE


Thanks Dianne. I really enjoyed doing it, but I'm going to put a background on it so it's not too plain.

Hugs top you both

suzanne said...

Yes this is a beauty, love this one.