Saturday, January 06, 2007

Day 6 of the New Year

It's now day six into the new year and I recieved this from a friend today.
This was wished to me, and in turn I wish this to you, all my blogger friends.

After serious and Cautious consideration.... your contract of friendship has been renewed for the year 2007.

My wish for you all in 2007

May peace break into your house and
may thieves come to steal your debts.
May the pockets of you jeans become a magnet for $100.00 bills.
May love stick to your face like vaseline,
and may laughter assult your lips.
May you clothes smell of success,
and may happiness slap you across the face.
May your tears be that of joy,
and may the problems you've had forget your home address.

To put it simply
May 2007 be the best year of your lives.

A bit dramatic, but effective and heart felt.


suzanne said...

Yes, I for one loved it, hoping it happens,and come full circle,here's hoping a thousand visits to your blog, for the message to be felt.

Tonniece said...

Here, Here Suzanne, I'm with you there.


platitudinal said...

Tonniece, I love this new year wish! :D

I'm so ready to be slapped with happiness and be assaulted by laughter. :D

Tonniece said...

Consider yourself slapped and assaulted then my dear. LOL