Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hi All I'm still here

Hi All I'm still here and still trying to be a better blogger, but life gets in the way sometimes.

I have been visiting many, many blogs, and enjoying all the eye candy, great stories, and personal views on varied subjects ranging from crafts to politicts. (Boy this little box sure makes the world seem so much smaller).

Anywho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am trying to decide just where my real and true interests lie.
In visiting textile blogs, I find I light right up when I see how takeing one piece of nothing material turns into a beautiful piece of art or clothing. So I start to think I'd love to do that (now please keep in mind I could not sew a straight stitch if my life depended on it).

I do love to draw, I find it calming, but I'd like to take a course or something to improve, and get into the artist paints on canvass. We can all use a little improvement in something, don't you think?

Then there's cardmakeing............. I must say, I have seem some really awesome cardmakeing here in blogland, and I'm not too sure that's the way to go for me. I have ordered lots of punches and stamps though, so I guess I'd better do something with them. LOL

After an overall assessment of my interests, I am still in a quandary as to how to proceed. To quote a phrase from a blog I visited, "I've lost My MOJO"

In saying this, if there are long periods of inactivity here on my blog, that is the reason.

I am still watching yours though, so stay on your toes. LOL

If you scroll down you'll see my latest drawing, of wich I am not too thrilled with but there you have it.

Have a great Day


platitudinal said...

Tonniece, I love to see other creative/artistic blogs too. Afterward my head would get so full, and my heart felt rather faintish. I found all those wonderful things could be a bit overwhelming in a large dose. So, I stopped a bit, and focused on the little thing that I could do. :)

Tonniece said...

Well I do believe you are right there Luci. I have so much in my head right now, that I'm at a lost for what to do next. I think I will slow down on the surfing for a bit till I get myself in order and find just what it is that I want to do.