Thursday, April 19, 2007

EDM #6 &7

Do your favorite thing, or a toy.
Well I've discovered that I don't have a favorite thing really, and if I do I'm not aware of it.
So I had already done this blowup toy to put on a card, so I cheated (sort of) and added this as my#6 challenge.

A jar, easy right? Not!!!! I had more trouble than enough doing thie simple sketch, and I'm still not pleased wit it.

So I did it again, and am still not happy. Go figure. I'm not giveing up just yet though.
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platitudinal said...

Really? You don't have a favorite thing? Hehe (grin).

The giraffe stuffed animal is absolutely adorable. It looked so disarmingly cute!!!

People have been saying that the simplest thing is actually the hardest thing to sketch. I'm glad you are not giving up. I like the different takes of the jar, Tonniece. The second one has a "relaxed" feel to it; I like it! :)

Dianne said...

The Giraffe is perfect too cute, The first jar well done, and I like how Luci put it, a relaxed feel, too funny.. She is to sweet and has the perfect words:):):)

Nola said...

Glass is a shocker to draw - all those reflections, and of course, the shapes are not always what your mind thinks they are. I struggle with drawing glass - guess that's a reason to do more, eh?

Nola said...

D'oh, forgot to say I love the giraffe! It has a kinds goofy look, like it's having a secret laugh at the lot of us!

Tonniece said...

Luci, Dianne, and Nola

You're all too kind about the jar, but thanks.
And I agree with you about the giraffe, he/she is pretty silly, abut kind of cute. LOL
Thanks again all