Thursday, April 19, 2007

May Birthdays

Blogger was acting up yesterday, and I found out the hard way, as I'm sure some of you did. I was getting so frustrated trying to get pics to download to my blog.

Anyway, here are a few cards I did for birthdays comeing up in May.
I don't know about you, but May is like another December for me. I have mother's Day as you all do too, then both of my daughters birthdays are in May as are two of my grandchildren, and two, no make that 3 very good friends.
Now my daughter wants me to make up birthday invitations for her two (that's the two granddaughters I mentioned before) daughters. They are haveing a combined pool party this year, so that should be fun if the weather is warm enough, (fingers crossed for the little ones).

This first card has two pockets which I inserted tags in and I think it would be a good way to do the invites Hummmmm, good thinking on my part.
I got this cute idea from Paula at who very kindly gave the directions on her blog for all to use. So thanks Paula.

This one is still missing something, and once I figure that out I'll repost it. LOL

This cute Wallet & pocket card was posted with direction also. I got it from Amy at and added my twist to it.

This is the inside view. I think it would be great to add giftcards, or put a pic on the cards inside the pockets. So many ways to use this one.
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platitudinal said...

I blinked for a second, when I opened my eyes you had done all these awesome cards and great sketches!

I love all the cards. I would have never thought of a card with inserted tags and pockets and all those fancy things. You did a lovely job (as usual), Tonniece!

Dianne said...

Beautiful cards as always they are soooo beautiullllll.