Monday, April 09, 2007


I have been off Line for a bit, and only popped in on Easter Sunday to wish a Happy Easter to some online friends.
I was given an order to stay completely off my feet by my Dr., and since my puter room is a bit of a walk, It's been hard to sneak in here without detection.
I am however feeling a bit better today and I want to play a bit....... SO HERE I AM. HEHEHE!!!
Anyway, while being off I decided to do some sketching.
I am not quite pleased with this one but nor am I totally disappointed.
I sketched with pencil then chalked it, then I decided to use a fine marker and go over the whole thing, which is where I think I went overboard.
I have done a few more sketches, and will post them later as I hear Dan comeing.
Yup, caught in the act................. Sigh..........
Well back to my (butt patrol) as I am so loveingly calling my new restrictions. LOL
I'll try to pop back later. (wink)
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platitudinal said...

Butt patrol?! Hahaha. Tonniece, I’ve missed you so much. I don’t know whether I should encourage you to be naughty and frustrate Dan. How about moving the computer to your bedroom or vice versa? Then we can have you all the time! (happy grin)

I love this sketch. It’s fun to try different things and discover which style you favor … or not. I, for one, love outlined drawings. They have a certain appeal that the others don’t. Don’t you dare stop sketching now, Ms. Tonniece, because you can always sketch with your feet up.

Dianne said...

DITTO Miss Luci is right I really like this face looks good to me oh how I wish I could draw.. I'm sure glad you are cause you are great and getting better all the time..
Okay hope your butt does't get to sore:):)

Carol said...

My goodness Tonniece as much as I have missed you lately, nearly sent out a search party, you must do what the doc tells you. Move the 'pute!!!

Love the drawing. You are just so talented.