Friday, April 13, 2007

Wednesday's drawings

Well I had a great day on wed., and thought of nothing but sketching, so here are few I did. Alas, I had a little visiter who liked them a bit too much. My granddaughter came for a visit and wanted to draw with me, but she liked mine better so she grabbed them to show her mommy, (so they are a tad wrinkled)before we could stop her. heheheh, good to know I have a little admirer though.
In this one I was trying to get the teeth in the right perspective, since I think I try too hard to concentrate on the eyes and mouth.
AND........ This one, believe it or not is supposed to be a sketch of me. NOT EVEN CLOSE, but I like it none the less. Notice the teeth again? I think I'd better start with inanimate objects from now on and go from there.
Luci HELP!!!!!!!! LOL

Have a great day all
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Dianne said...

Your to funny, the drawing are fine. If you trade their teeth they would have the right size..
You don't look like that but she is a pretty girl... Paratice make perfect, just have fun doing it so it doesn't have to be perfect no one is...

Christeen said...

Inanimate objects?? Don't be silly! These are really cool drawings, even if your self portrait doesn't accuratly represent you. Love the facial expression :) Draw more!

And to help with getting a handle on drawing faces- you might try laying tracing paper over photos or magazine pictures and tracing them- if you do a bunch of tracings, you'll learn all kinds of stuff about our faces, teeth, eyes, and all that good stuff. Couldn't hurt to try, right?

Keep up the good work! Oh, I replied to that nice comment you left on my blog...

Tonniece said...

Ha Ha, thanks Di, maybe next (in the distant future) I'll reverse the teeth. Gots to practise, ya, I sink so. LOL

Hi Christeen
Thanks for visiting my blog and all the great suggestions, I will for sure give them a try.
Thanks again for the help.

platitudinal said...

Hello Tonniece :)

Great work on the portraits. I like the first girl's smile. If you're not too satisfied with her teeth, perhaps you can lightly shade them. Also try to shade the gum area and the bottom part of the teeth.

I love your self-portrait. The pose and the expression are just so fetchingly playful. (The teeth look great here!)

Much love,