Monday, June 18, 2007

Butterflies and a frog

All the girls wanted a butterfly painted on their faces, and all the same color too,but none of them would sit still long enough to get them finished. LOL
There was so much going on in different spots, that they kept looking all over while I was trying to paint. So all of them had a butterfly in different stages of finish.
The main thing is they all loved them, finished or not, and as long as they had sparkles, they were thrilled. (go figure)lol

This little cutie wanted a frog painted on his face, which was so appropriate for him with that green hat and those big cheeks and all.
We, Dianne and I, tried to get him before it was all smeared, but as you can see that was a lost cause.
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Dianne said...

The kids loved the face painting
you did a great job...