Thursday, June 14, 2007

EDM #76 & 94

After a bit of a hiatus from my puter room, I felt I should get some of my sketches posted.
I have been doing some water color sketches, and not feeling too comfy with it yet.
Here is one I really am pleased with though.
This started out as a blob of paint that landed on a scrap piece of paper while I was attempting to paint another picture. (Go figure)

Danny had just bought me some flowers at the market the day before, and I just started to move the paint around and as I looked up it kind of looked like one of the flowers, so I played.
And this is the result.

This one I'm not too overly pleased with, but at least it looks like wooden spoons, so I am happy about that. LOL
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Carol said...

I love both of them but the watercolour flowers are just stunning. They look so realistic I can smell their scent from here!

Tonniece said...
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Tonniece said...

Thanks Carol, I kind of like the flowers too.

luci said...

Tonniece, I love the flowers arrangement painting. It has a spontaneous feel to it. That was very sweet of Danny to give you a bouquet of flower 

I also love the wooden spoons painting. The colors are cheerful and yet not loud. I don’t know how big the sketch is, but it would be so nice for it to be framed and put in the kitchen.