Monday, June 18, 2007

It's Birthday time again

This past weekend was a blast.
In May two of my granddaughters had Birthdays, but since it was still really cool weather Corinne
(daughter #2) decided to have a pool party for the both of them in June.
It turned out to be a beautiful day for it too.
Danny's mother made this cake for them

Kendra turned 6, and Taylor turned 11.

Here are the birthday girls,Taylor on the left, and Kendra on the right, and the little one in the middle is Jazmin, my third granddaughter, who designated herself the opener of all the gifts. LOL
We all had a great day considering there were a few more kids there then were invited. There was none of the squabblings, whineing, or tantrums that you'd expect with that many kids, but Corrine had so many things for them to do, beginning with supervised turns in the pool, tatoos, face painting, water balloon toss, darts..... well you get the picture.

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luci said...

Such lovely girls they are. From your stories we all know that they are all sweet hearts, creative and smart girls. Hope you'll tell us more stories of your grandkids.

*Tonniece, I can't believe how big Kendra looks in the picture. She's growing fast! :)