Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cute as a button

I was looking out my frontroom window the other day, and this cute little girl was just standing there watching her dad doing something in their front yard.
I watched her for quite awhile, and to my amazement, she never moved from that spot for a long time. I had heard her father tell her to keep out of the way, and she actually listened to him.
I grabbed my small sketchbook to try and capture her, and it was about 5 mins. later that her dad grabbed her and lifted her over the fence, and they were gone.
I had already started this, so I plodded on trying to get it just how I remembered.
This is missing alot, but I couldn't see what she was holding, a doll, a toy? I don't know.
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luci said...

I love pictures that make me wonder of the story behind it. This is one of those pictures. Great job, Tonniece :)

Africantapestry said...

This is really "cute as a button"!You did a wonderful job with 5 minutes, capturing a lovely picture1

Tonniece said...

Thanks so much Luci and Ronell.
I only wish I'd captured her better. Missed my chance. DRAT!