Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am totally speechless

because I recieved two awsome awardsI am so honoured and thrilled. The 'I love your blog' award is from Lisa and I thank you so much Lisa, this totally made my day, week, ah heck , month.
Check out her blog, she shares some wonderful crafts that will thrill and delight you, and she makes some mean dishes that make you want to jump right in the screen and grab them.

This one is from the sweetest, and most talented Luci
I could never express how honoured I am to recieve this from you. SEE, I am Totally speachless.
The thing is where to start. Her talent far exceeds her youth. and you would come away feeling as we all do who visit her blog, serene and oh so happy, so hop on over and fill your day with sunshine.

Now , I know I am suposed to pass this on to 7 People, BUT HOW CAN I DO THAT, there are just too many talented ladies out there, SOOOO, I"m going to be a pooper and give both these awards to you all. And thank you all for shareing your friendship,and awesome talents.
Thanks for stopping by
And Have an awesome week


Deb Neerman said...

Congrats! You totally deserve this award!!


platitudinal said...

I second, Deb. You absolutely deserve these awards :)

Luci :)