Sunday, August 24, 2008

second post today and a 5 min card?

yup I did this in 5 mjns. with the first stamp set at my finger tip and leftover scraps on my desk.
Now I know it's all smudged, but I did it up, put it in the envelope still wet, then forgot i didn't sign it, BUT it was a VERY rush job after all and then out the door.
Danny was talking to a friend who mentioned that he was ready to pull all his hair out because
they were haveing a birthday pool party for their 6 yr old daughter, and only one little girl showed up.
Needless to say she was a shattered little girl especially since 10 parents RSVPed their kids would be there.

Danny said he would see if he could get his granddaughter, and if so that we would bring her there. As luck would have it, it had to be 100degrees out there yesterday. No jokeing
mission 1 - get granddaughter - accomplished with a bonus of another friends 14 yr. old who volunteered to come and entertain them.
mission 2 - a card (hence this 5 min. mess)

As he was going out the door he turned and gave me this look that stopped me in my tracks, and calmly asks."well are you going to take a picture so we can get going?"
mission 3 - picture hastily taken (sorry for the bad pic)

And last but not least
mission 4 - two more little ones finally showed up, and Brandy the 14 yr. old kept them so busy that I don't think the birthday girl cared that there were only the 4 of them, they all had a blast.

And that was my Sat., how was yours? Hope it was fab.
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Allison said...

Super cute...great movement with the froggy!

Deb Neerman said...

Awww, what a touching birthday story! How nice of you guys to make the day for a l'il girl; you're the bestest!

Love this card; the froggy movement is brilliant ... WOW, wait a sec; lemme pick my jaw up off the keyboard!!

LOVE this!

Mel M. M. M. said...

Adorable card. I love that frog. I can't believe this took 5 minutes. You are so sweet to help make that little girl's birthday special. That same thing happened to me when I was little (only 1 party guest) It's an awful feeling! Glad the story has a happy ending! :o) OXO mel

Dianne said...

Beautiful card mistake and all.
It was a very nice thing you and Dan did...

Annapurna said...

That is a beauty and it took only 5 mins? Wow! I can't stamp an image in 5 mins :-)

Very nice, with decorating the envelope and all.

Tonniece said...

Thanks ladies
I was complaining because I had to do it so fast, but it was a great day for her and that made it worth it.

Thanks for stopping by.

platitudinal said...

Oh, I feel so bad for that little girl. But, I'm so happy that Danny was able to do something to make her day merry! And, Tonniece, that's amazing that you could make something so good and pretty so fast! There's nothing "snail-ish" about it. ;)