Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I got a bit carried away

when I saw Mel's http://melstampz.blogspot.com idea for her short ribbons, I got it in my head to do the same thing.
But I think I should not have done it late at night and while I was tired.
I'm thinking I might have gotten a little carried away.
Although I think it looks pretty kewl, I'm think'in it's not really very good if I actually need to use any of that ribbon.
I was so tired that I even gave it a little. Can you see it? LOL
Oh well,I tried.
Anyhoo, I did this card while I was computerless, ????
I sure hope your moniters are showing how deep the colors are, because I'm
haveing a dickens of a time trying to get my resolution right on this thing. It's looking
really washed out on here, when in fact IRL it is rather dark.
And looking at it now I think I'll need to put a larger gem on the huge flower, It's looking a little lost there.
But don't ya just love that Sarah Kay stamp? All of her stamps are so darn cute.

Well that's it for today folks. Hope you have a super wonderful day.
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Deb Neerman said...

I. Am. Speechless!!! ... and that's hard to do, LOL!

That ribbon mannequin-thingie is amazing!! I LOVE it!!

You CAN'T remove any ribbons from this; this is a piece of art and must be treated as such! Now, go out and buy new ribbon .... and some stamps ... maybe some ink, too.

~In total amazement, Deb

Deb Neerman said...

Ooops! Forgot* to mention how beauteous this card is! Your coloring skillz are to-die-for!!

*ya see what your ribbon thing did to me?!? LOLOL

~Hugs, Deb

Mel M. M. M. said...

WOAH! I'm with Deb, this is art. It's a sculpture! Looks SO stunning! How on earth did you have the patience? Your Sarah Kay card is so cute. Love your colouring: so bright & beautiful! :o)

Carol said...

Wow! stunning piece of work and the colours are stunning. Great job!

Dianne said...

You artist you , see told ya...
The ribbon looks even better in person. The card is fantastic such a sweet stamp and the colors look great...

Maria said...

Oh, my! I think it looks beautiful!! You're right. . .you may have problems using the ribbon because it'll ruin such a piece of art to remove them. Maybe you should just keep as a decorative piece!!

I love your card. It looks gorgroud. Your coloring is so pretty! Your card is fabulous!!


chelemom said...

The dress form is amazing! Love it! I love the card! Your coloring is awesome!

Joan said...

That dress form is stunning. And the card rocks too. Love that shading on the little girl.

platitudinal said...

The ribbon piece is super fantastic! How can you still make a master piece when you're tired? The Sarah Kay card is very pretty. Is the gem color green? Matches perfectly with the girl's outfit :)