Friday, March 27, 2009

Is it Spring at your house yet?

Is this spring enough for you?

I just got the nicest surprise visit from my 7 yr. old granddaughter Kendra and daughter Corinne, and look what they brought for me.

Check out those gorgeous colors.

Now I know they need to be cut down and arranged a bit better, but Kendra was so adamant that i put them in my , ahem, dusty vase right away and posted on my blog that i just had to let her arrange them for me so she could witness then here.

Oh, and look what else I got. Just for a #1 gran like myself. Well that's what she thinks and I have to agree. LOL

I cant forget this cutie. below

Remember a few days ago when I had that headache, well it was the start of my yearly cold

I get this nasty thing every year where i get a cold and on top of that I also loose my voice which everyone like except me. lol

But now I have my Get Well bear to help make me better.

What a sweetie she is.

That's all for now, just had to share.

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Carol said...

Sorry to hear you are unwell but I hope you feel better soon. Those flowers are just gorgeous. It's Spring here too though it has turned rather cold but at least the sun is shining. Have a great day.

Elena said...

I am so sorry you don't feel good, Tonniece...
Yout grandaughter is the Best! How sweet and thoughtful to give these beautiful flowers and very cute little bear!

Maria said...

Wow, your granddaughter is definitely a sweetheart to give you such a beautiful gift. The colors of the flowers could brighten anyone's day. . .you're so lucky to have such a thoughtful granddaughter!!


platitudinal said...

I hope you are feeling better now, Tonniece, and your voice has returned from its "vacation". Those flowers are fantastic. Their colors are so bright and pretty ... enough to cheer anyone who see them :)