Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wecome to new home

I do have a card to post, but I wanted to show you this card I mention in earlier post
that my friend carol sent me. Now does this say SPRING to you, it sure does to me.
All those pretty butterflies dangling and swaying in the breeze. (from my fan since it's still to darn cool to open windows yet). lol

I acutally got this in the mail before I moved here and I also received a great gift pkg. for my birthday.
Maybe I will post that later.

That's it for now, hopfully I will be back later today.

Thanks for dropping by.
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platitudinal said...

What a beautiful card! Those butterflies are so lovely!!!!! :)

Happy birthday!!!


Deb Neerman said...

Gorgeous! LOVE it!

Elena said...

Wow! This card is gorgeous!

Risa said...

What an awesome and vibrant card! I love the butterflies and the colors are so vibrant and pretty!