Tuesday, May 08, 2007

EDM #108

Another bright ideal.
Well I must say this was a dozzy because at first I tried to do a regular light bulb, need I say more?
Clear glass and me are still arch enemies. What a bugger to sketch, Well for me that is, SOOOOO, I got this brilliant idea to do the energy savers in the frontroom lamp.
I see now that I've posted this sketch that I didn't quite finish shadeing the blue one in, but that's ok, we can just pretend that the light part is broken, and just look at the bottom.
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platitudinal said...

Tonniece, these light bulbs are so cool! I love their neat shapes. You did a great job on this sketch. The shadowing is excellent --- there's a sense of depth. :)

Nola said...

Wow, that's a tricky shape to draw! Three dimensional glass spirals... hmm, I wonder why that would be hard? :-) Looking great, though!

Dianne said...

I second this the bulb are great, the shadows really cool they look real, great job buddy..

Carol said...

I love these Tonniece. I think the shading and the 3d effect you have achieved is wonderful. Great work.

Africantapestry said...

Great work on these bulbs...they aren't that easy to draw with their intricate spirals...you rendered them beautifully with great shading.

platitudinal said...

Happy birthday to you!
Selamat ulang tahun!

I hope you are having a wonderful time on your birthday.


Africantapestry said...

I understand yesterday was your birthday? A happy belated birthday to you, I hope you had a wonderful day!

Tonniece said...

Thank you everyone, for the nice comments and the "B" Day wishes also